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Brand and demand advertising aren’t as different as they may seem. After all, they share one common goal— to drive revenue for the business. So, why are B2B marketers still letting them work in silos?

According to leading Forrester analysts, interlocking brand and demand advertising components can not only lift pipeline and revenue creation but also improve brand awareness and perception. This Forrester SiriusDecisions Core Strategy report, The B2B Advertising Spectrum, is made for B2B marketers that want to see maximum return on their paid media investments.

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Get this report to gain insight into:

Currents trends in how B2B organizations are supporting aggressive growth plans and where budget priorities lie. 

The most popular content formats for a digital-first world.

Which channels and engagement tactics are fueling key stages of the funnel and beyond.

Customer Case Study

In 9 months, the marketing team at Dialpad saw




Increase in traffic

Faster time to close a deal

ROI in closed-won revenue

“This is helping us know where to spend the majority of our sales and marketing resources. With a new, validated and tiered target account list, now Dialpad is poised to do true ABM at scale.”

Izabella Bray, Senior Manager, Demand Generation

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