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If you’re looking to book more meetings, open more opportunities, and close more deals in less time, account-based marketing can help.

With RollWorks:

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SDRs can see a 2.5x response rate with air cover from digital ads

You can realize a 13% lift in pipeline by aligning with Marketing on a common set of best-fit target accounts

Your email response rate can increase by 30-50% when personalizing sales messages with contact-level engagement insights.

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How to Drive Sales with ABM

Bringing in high-quality leads

A 170% increase in opportunities

24x in opportunities by leveraging intent data

2022 State of Sales

What are the benefits of an ABM strategy for sales acceleration? RollWorks’ Sr. Director of SDRs Danilo Nikolich discusses the state of ABM and why ABM is the key to sales acceleration.

How Okta supported ambitious pipeline generation and new go-to-market segments using intent data to prioritize and reach the right accounts. 

See how SnapFulfil launched a sales-aligned ABM program that generated high-value leads, and drove 6% conversion to MQLs in 10 months. 

How PitchBook saw huge growth in opportunities in just 3 months by scoring accounts and prioritizing sales outreach.

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