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"May the Marketing Force Be With You" Contest

Join the galaxy's best marketing and sales leaders! 

As the universe gears up to celebrate Star Wars Day, RollWorks, Act-On, Intellimize, NetLine, and New Breed are calling all B2B marketers and sales professionals to showcase their strategic alignment powers. It's your chance to demonstrate how, like the cohesive forces of the Star Wars saga, your teams collaborate to achieve incredible results.

Enter the "May the Marketing Force Be With You" contest to honor your team's innovative strategies and achievements. You could win a stellar team experience worth up to $3,000, or one of our other galactic prizes.

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Highlight your sales and marketing alignment success story!

Submit your entry form by May 20th, detailing the prowess of your sales and marketing alignment. Let us know why your strategy is out of this world. 

Exclusive for the early birds: The first 50 entrants will receive a limited edition “ABM is the Way” Star Wars-themed mug! This fun mug is a testament to your strategic foresight and a reminder that in the vast universe of marketing, ABM guides the way.

The top three teams, selected by our council of marketing jedis, will have their stories featured on RollWorks’ LinkedIn page. The galaxy-wide LinkedIn community will then cast their votes to choose the ultimate winner starting on May 21st.

The grand prize winner will be announced with great fanfare on LinkedIn on May 31st.

Remember, the Force is strong with teams that embrace unity, strategy, and innovation. Don’t miss your chance to shine in the galaxy of B2B marketing and sales excellence!

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