The HubSpot integration with RollWorks, the only HubSpot certified ABM provider, helps put ABM into action by importing dynamic HubSpot Contact Lists and Company Properties into RollWorks to create hyper-focused ABM programs at scale.

Use HubSpot data to power ABM programs through the RollWorks Account-Based Platform. See it in action.

Ready to see it live? Fill out the form and we'll be in touch to coordinate a time for a custom demo.

Ready to see it live? Fill out the form and we'll be in touch to coordinate a time for a custom demo.

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Unlock the power of HubSpot with RollWorks, the only HubSpot certified ABM platform.

Identify Target Accounts

Engage Through Digital Advertising

Measure Impact

  • View, export and activate against account-level advertising & website engagement metrics in HubSpot
  • Create custom reports and dashboards to align marketing and sales teams on performance against target accounts
  • Dynamically sync HubSpot contact lists to create target accounts
  • Augment HubSpot company lists with RollWorks machine learning based scoring and prioritization

  • Target known and unknown contacts with digital ads across the web, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Prioritize in-market accounts by layering intent signals from RollWorks

See what our customers are saying

"We are currently using RollWorks for 3 programs: to retarget website visitors; to retarget based on intent data; and to directly target an ABM list. We have the integration with HubSpot set up and I use lead scoring to dynamically create the ABM list which auto-synchs to RollWorks. I can also see in HubSpot what accounts are being retargeted, etc. This program takes some time and mind muscle to optimize and I'm grateful for my account manager Victoria who is amazing!"

Britt Davies,
VP of Marketing

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“The ease of use in tapping audiences from HubSpot combined with RollWorks’ targeting, data and measurement capabilities allows us to prioritize and prove ROI, which is fundamental to our business growth. The integration offers end-to-end funnel visibility for our ABM efforts; from an account’s first ad impression to a closed deal.”

Shrimithran Mithran, 

Pipeline Marketing Manager

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